To Write An Effective Thesis

Effective Thesis

Thesis, dissertation or project work is a compulsory factor to complete your graduation. Without dissertation, thesis or project work done, you can’t get your desired degree. The institution gave you such task to do for achieving your degree or you can complete your graduation.

The supervisor or advisor gives you various topics. You have to select that topic on which you have the knowledge and interest. You can write it easily and quickly. First of all you have to write the title page, abstract, acknowledgement, table of content, main text (includes tables, charts and figures) and then references. You can also add examples.

Do not add irrelevant material in the topic it will show a bad impact on the PhD Thesis Writing Services. Try to avoid such mistakes. While writing your thesis draw margins on both sides of the page. Do not write the page number on the page. Write the title in capital letters. Also write your name in capital letters. On the title page write “thesis” for the master’s degree and for P.H.D’s write “dissertation”.

This should be also written in capital letters. You should write the name of the degree, then your institution name. Master’s students will write “adviser” or “supervisor”. Abstract is required for all thesis and dissertation writing. The abstract should be present after title page. The abstract must be written in English language. No word limit is there in writing abstract.

All the titles should be listed in the table of content. The table of content should be as simple as possible. The purpose of the table of content is to be quick and easy for the reader to understand the outline of the thesis.

Titles should be relevant to the material written on the topic. The page numbers written for the headings must be correct. In the thesis every page has a minimum margin. The font size of the text body should be 10-12. Single spacing within the main text is allowed for titles, headings, footnotes and references. On all pages there should be written page numbers. The page numbers which are written for pages in the main text should be written in Roman numbers. The result pages should be written in Arabic numbers. Completely blanked pages should not be present in the text.

All the tables, diagrams and graphs should be placed within I inch minimum margins. Thesis with extending these margins will not acceptable for submission. All the figures must be written in the consecutive sequences. Figures should be placed according to the order of the numbers. There should be a figure label written on the figure number. The rotated figures should be rotated clockwise so that page numbers, headings, titles should be rotated with the page number.

Always remember not to copy paste any one else’s work. It will create problem for you. Your thesis should be plagiarism free. It should not contain any type of copy paste from any other writer’s work. If you do this it will cancel your thesis. This will lead you to failure and unfortunately for this act you can’t get your desired degree.

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