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Features of Persuasive Text Every Writer Must Know

The main aim of a persuasive text is to persuade the readers to buy something or to do something. It means that we have to change the minds of the readers. While convincing the readers about a specific point of view, we have to use non-fiction writing techniques. The most important examples of persuasive text are newspaper columns and adverts etc. To write the persuasive text, you will have to find the central arguments. After that, you will have to find evidence to support these arguments. At last, you will have to summarize your point of view. Here, writing experts from a top assignment help firm will discuss the features of the persuasive text. Rhetorical Questions: Rhetorical questions are the most important components of persuasive text. These are the questions that don't require answers from the readers. Anyhow, these questions are important to provoke the thinking of the readers. For example, you ask a question 'Do you want to become a millionaire?'. Almost all the